About us

We started this venture because we want to bring smiles
to the dining table and to contribute to the world and humanity.

1) Build the business's which can bring smiles to both producers and consumers.
2) Maximize the value of materials produced by and in Myanmar.
3) Contribute to rural development by building sustainable business.

By producing and selling Myanmar Sesame Oil
-To Contribute to consumers better health.
-To support Myanmar farmers.
-To promote and increase the value of Myanmar's products and to reduce import dependence.


What triggered me to this mission?

The boat people (refugees) from Vietnam.

I had a chance to volunteer teaching Japanese language
to Vietnamese refugees from communist Vietnam
at the refugee camp in Singapore.

They were scheduled to migrate to Japan. It was a part
of social work of international school in Singapore back in 1980.

All the refugees told me that the country torn down because of war
and nothing to eat. They told me how happy they are to be able to eat.

At that moment, I realized the importance of food and the world could be better if we can bring more smiles to dining table with good food.

Since then, I was dreaming of doing and getting involved deep into agriculture.

It took a long time to stand at start line but I was able to have so many good and bad experiences, and many good friends to work with so that I should be able to contribute more for this new venture.

The reality was not as easy as the dream.
The coup, 3rd wave of COVID19 and economy disaster are hitting us pretty bad but we will never kneel.

We are looking forward to serving you with the treasure from golden land Myanmar and eventually bring more smiles to your dining table.

Yours Sincerely,

Takuya Ichihashi
Managing Director
Miyako Food Myanmar Co., Ltd.

We named Miyako as our company name. Miyako means the CAPITAL in Japanese. Capital is the center and heart of the country with all the wisdom coming together. Our Japanese partner is in Kyoto which was once the capital of Japan too. We want to be the capital of maximizing the value, smiles to dining tables and contribution to the world and humanity.